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Page history last edited by Restorative Justice Partnership 11 years, 12 months ago

JUSTICE: one word yet several guises


Is the same meaning heard when justice is demanded?  The likelihood is, “probably not”.  One important question to ask first is “What governing principle establishes the proper or just outcomes and consequences in conflicted, criminal or violent situations?


v     Retribution?  Punishment is a primary consideration

                          What you may hear people say:

v     Competition?  Winning is the determinant thus “win-lose” solutions that maximize gains and minimize losses dominate

                          What you may hear people say: 

v     Distribution?  The fair distribution of goods and services based on

§         Entitlement – prior qualifications apply or are earned,

§         Equality – no consideration is given to other factors; all are the same,

§         Equity – distribution is proportional and based on contribution,

§         Social Welfare – distribution is according to need, or

§         Creative combinations of these

                          What you may hear people say:

v     Restoration/Reconciliation?  Reincorporation into a social system is desired; forgiveness is frequently a prominent goal

                          What you may hear people say:

v     Collaboration?  Mutually beneficial, “win-win” solutions are characteristic

                          What you may hear people say:

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